NZIBS Membership

Applications for membership of the New Zealand Institute of Building Surveyors (NZIBS) are open to anyone who:

  • is studying in the construction industry
  • holds professional construction industry qualifications in fields such as building surveying, architecture, engineering, quantity surveying, construction management, building sciences etc.
  • have a significant degree of experience in the construction industry and in building surveying WITHOUT having formal professional qualifications.

Student membership is open to all those currently studying for a construction related qualification.

Student Membership is not open to those that are in full time employment.  

When a Student Member starts working full time, they must relinquish their Student Membership and apply for Transitional Membership if they wish to remain within the Institute.

FEES PER ANNUM: No charge*


Transitional membership is a preliminary stage of membership for all those that apply for and are in the process of completing requirements to become a full Registered Member. 

Transitional Members must be actively practicing as Building Surveyors in New Zealand and must complete the Institute’s assessment of professional competence process to progress Registered Membership.

The Transitional membership period is between 18 months and five years.

During this Transitional period members have a mentormentor who assists them on their journey to becoming a Registered member.

Transitional members are required to complete the NZIBS Diploma in Building Surveying, comprising of three certificates, before they can apply to become a Registered member. 

Certificates to be completed::

  • Certificate in Residential Property Inspections,
  • Certificate in Forensic Building Surveying
  • Certificate in Commercial and Asset Management, before they can apply to become a Registered member.

Transitional members do not have the right to use the NZIBS logo, initials and accreditation until they become a Registered Building Surveyor.

They are allowed to state their training qualifications on any document or reporting they may produce.

FEES PER ANNUM: $635.00 excl. GST



The NZIBS has one class of full membership, Registered Membership, which entitles the holder to call themselves a Registered Building Surveyor.

Registered membership is for those members who actively practice as building surveyors in New Zealand and have satisfied the Institute that they meet the criteria for registration by completing the assessment of professional competence process.

Registered members are the only members who are entitled to use the NZIBS logo, initials, and accreditation to signify that they have completed the assessment of professional competence successfully.

FEES PER ANNUM: $925.00 excl. GST


At the end of a member’s working life as a building surveyor, you can choose to become a Retired Member. Alternatively, for members that have made a significant contribution to the Institute over their working life, the member can be nominated as a Life Member, which may be endorsed by the general membership at the Annual General Meeting held each year in September.

Retired Membership:
FEES PER ANNUM: 10% of Registered Membership

Life Membership:
No Cost

Industry promotion

NZIBS members operate with the highest degree of professionalism whilst adopting the Institute’s ethics and standards.

In turn, the Institute aims to promote and speak on our members’ behalf, presenting Registered Building Surveyors as industry leaders to the following key target audiences:

  • Organisations within the construction sector, including industry associations.
  • Institutional property owners.
  • Financial institutions.
  • The legal fraternity.
  • Government procurement agencies.
  • Territorial local authorities.
  • Educational institutions.
  • The public in general.
  • The media, as a channel to reach various audiences.

A couple of examples of this include:

  • NZCIC representation.
  • Regular meetings with MBIE in discussion around relevant acts and regulations.

NZIBS sends in regular submissions before parliament, where there are changes that relate to building legislation and standards or that implicate our members.



The NZIBS Core Module Training Programme covers areas such as building law, forensic investigation, building science, material performance, construction methods, building remediation, technical report writing and expert witness work.

A Diploma in Building Surveying – ISO9001:2015 (Level 6) is awarded to those who successfully pass all of the 14 modules. A Certificate in Residential Property Inspections ISO9001:2015 is also available to those who are looking to upskill and work towards a formal qualification.

The Institute has appointed sub-committees amongst the Executive who assist with the development of our training and membership.

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All members receive a Journal, which is published quarterly to provide engaging technical content and industry updates. NZIBS Registered, Transitional, and Student Members also have access to technical resources such as guidance documents and templates which can be found on the resources page following log-in.



At the NZIBS Annual Awards Dinner in September, we offer three special categories of Awards: NZIBS Excellence in Building Surveying, NZIBS Best in Class, and the NZIBS Service Recognition Award. These special awards are where we recognise individuals or team efforts within the building surveying industry or from our training.

During the awards night, newly Registered Members will be presented with their NZIBS membership certificates, and the NZIBS Diploma in Building Surveying ISO9001 will be awarded to those individuals who have completed their NZIBS Core Module training under the accreditation.


Networking, events and sponsors

Regular networking functions are held in four main centres - Auckland, Tauranga, Wellington, and Christchurch. We run two large events in the year, the March Training Day in Auckland and the Annual Conference and AGM in September. The location of our Annual Conference changes each year and during the conference we run extra activities such as the NZIBS Annual Golf Tournament and sponsored workshops.

We host several CPD roadshow events over the course of the year which anyone is welcome to attend. These events provide good information and a chance to meet your colleagues in the industry. All CPD activities merit CPD points. 1 hour = 1 CPD point.

NZIBS sponsors provide fabulous support, where they actively attend and network at the March Training Day and the Annual Conference each year. They also provide regular articles which are provided in our publications.

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Chapter co-ordinators in your local area

Our chapter co-ordinator’s works with both new members and existing, to help establish networks and promote CPD events that are designed to offer professional development through mixing technical knowledge and networking.

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Membership privileges

Registered Members receive their annual practicing certificates after completion of CPD and declaration, and payment of annual fees. With this also comes the Membership Discount Card, permitting discounts from retailers such as Bunnings, Noel Leeming, and Office Max.

Transitional Membership

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Registered Membership

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Member Eligibility Checklist

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NZIBS membership rules & regulations

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