Home buyers

Buying a home is a major investment, with property commonly being the biggest assets to Kiwis across the country. It is essential for home buyers to be assured that they are getting the best pre purchase advice possible to help make that informed final decision.


Pre purchase inspections

Pre purchase inspections are a crucial part of buying a home and investing in the property market.  Having reliable information on the condition of the property you plan to purchase will play a big part in ensuring that you make a sound investment.  It is crucial you engage an expert who has solid experience and suitable training in pre purchase inspections.

It is important that your selected pre purchase inspector is a member of a professional organisation that supports their members in residential inspections.  As part of the pathway to becoming a fully Registered Building Surveyor, the NZIBS provides training on residential building inspections which focuses on the steps to providing accurate and reliable pre purchase reports.

Here is a list of things that a competent Registered Building Surveyor specialising in pre purchase inspections will be able to offer to ensure they provide you with a reliable report:

  • Reports compliant with NZS4306:2005 Residential Property Inspections (NZ standards for pre purchase/pre sale inspections).
  • A good understanding on the weathertightness risks associated with the property and signs of structural unsoundness and durability issues.
  • A sound knowledge of various building regulations and standards appropriate to the property being inspected.
  • A report that describes the general condition relative to the age of the house and any significant maintenance that is required to reduce deterioration.
  • Identification of visible defects and potential issues surrounding those defects.
  • Guidance on how to move forward once defects are identified.  For example, assist with further investigation of the defects identified.
  • A written report that includes a summary of the overall condition of the property which is clearly explained and easy to read.
  • A service backed by Professional indemnity insurance.


Visual weathertightness assessments

It is common for banks and insurers to require a weathertightness assessment prior to the purchase of a property.  Banks in particular often have a number of specific requirements that they request as part of their criteria.  Amongst those requirements are:

  • A report prepared by a “weathertightness expert” including a weathertightness risk assessment on the exterior cladding based on common failures and visible defects.
  • The inspector to have suitable knowledge on the use of non-invasive testing such as using specific moisture meters (not based on thermal imaging).
  • Detailed information about the cladding system and associated risk factors.
  • Moisture testing in several locations across the property.
  • Likely remediation measures where weathertightness defects or risks exist.
  • Professional indemnity insurance.

NZIBS members are experts in providing weathertightness reports and are able to offer such reports that meet the bank requirements.  We also have members who can offer invasive weathertightness testing and sound advice in weathertightness remediation.


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