Legal professionals

Find a Registered Building Surveyor to provide impartial expert evidence, contractual dispute assistance or arbitration, adjudication or mediation services in support of a construction litigation case.


Expert witness services

A number of our Registered Building Surveyors can assist in building and construction related litigation cases by providing impartial expert witness services. This typically involves:

  • Site investigations and evidence collection.
  • Evidential reporting.
  • Preparation of briefs of evidence.
  • Attendance at experts’ conferences, mediations and court hearings.

Our members can be engaged to represent either party to a dispute, whether it be the plaintiff or a defendant.


Mediator, adjudicator or arbitrator services

A select number of our Registered Building Surveyors are accredited mediators, adjudicators and arbitrators. These members are able to act as independent professionals in construction related disputes to assist the parties in finding a resolution.


Contractual disputes

Where contractual disputes arise, Registered Building Surveyors can provide specialist advice through working closely with the parties to the contract and legal professionals.


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