What is building surveying?

There is no simple way to describe the role of a building surveyor, largely due to the broad range of services that are offered by the profession. Building surveyors provide life-cycle services across the industry, from feasibility studies and pre-acquisition commissions right through to upcycling or even the demolition of building assets. We inspect, test, monitor, design and advise on property and construction related matters with the main aim of improving our built environment. 

Follow the links below to discover how a Registered Building Surveyor can assist you.

Property owners

Whether you are seeking compliance advice, requiring a building defect assessment, are planning a renovation scheme or looking to keep on top of your property’s maintenance requirements, Registered Building Surveyors are available to assist both commercial and residential property owners. Find out more

Home buyers

Buying a home is a major investment, with property commonly being the biggest assets to Kiwis across the country. It is essential for home buyers to be assured that they are getting the best pre purchase advice possible to help make that informed final decision. Find out more

Government organisations

Registered Building Surveyors work closely with an array of local and central Government organisations including Councils, Public Service Departments (e.g. MBIE), District Health Boards and the Earthquake Commission (EQC), to name just a few. Find out more

Property developers, investors & managers

Find a Registered Building Surveyor who specialises in providing commercial property advice, from technical due diligence reporting, investigating building defects, assessing building compliance, maintenance planning or managing lease reinstatement obligations. Find out more

Industry consultants & contractors

Registered Building Surveyors work closely with industry professionals such as designers, engineers and contractors to offer a range of services from development monitoring and contract administration through to timber framing and/or weathertightness remediation consulting. Find out more

Legal professionals

Find a Registered Building Surveyor to provide impartial expert evidence, contractual dispute assistance or arbitration, adjudication or mediation services in support of a construction litigation case. Find out more