New Zealand Institute of Building Surveyors
Informing a better built environment

The New Zealand Institute of Building Surveyors (NZIBS) is a national body of skilled, professional building consultants who have extensive knowledge and experience in construction and building related matters.

What is a Building Surveyor?

Building surveyors provide life-cycle services across the industry, from feasibility studies and pre-acquisition commissions right through to upcycling or even the demolition of building assets.
We inspect, test, monitor, design and advise on property and construction related matters with the main aim of improving our built environment. 

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About us

First registered as an Incorporated Society in 1994, the New Zealand Institute of Building Surveyors currently holds over 200 registered, transitional and student members across New Zealand. We offer core module training, national events and technical resources to assist Registered Building Surveyors, and the wider industry, with providing the expert professional advice to inform a better built environment.

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