Transitional Membership

If you are successful in your membership application, which may involve participating in an interview, you will be offered Transitional Membership.

This is a preliminary stage of membership for those that apply for and are in the process of completing requirements to become a full Registered Member.  Once a transitional member of NZIBS you will be provided with valuable information contained in our Welcome Pack.  This information covers what is required of you during your Transitional period, benefits, limitations, rules & regulations as well as how to become a Registered Member.

Transitional members must be actively practicing as building surveyors in New Zealand and must complete the Institute’s assessment of professional competence process to progress to Registered Membership.


Period of Transitional Membership

Except at the discretion of the Executive, the minimum period of transitional membership is 18 months and the maximum period is five (5) consecutive years from the date of acceptance.

If your five (5) calendar years of transitional membership has lapsed you will need to be reassessed and this may mean that you need to be re‐interviewed.


As an NZIBS Transitional Member you cannot use the NZIBS logo, NZIBS initials as a form of accreditation. You may not communicate or list this as a qualification and must abide by Regulation 1 (membership) in this regard.

You are however, entitled to list your completed training certificates gained through NZIBS.

Only Registered Members can use the Institute’s initials/logo. Student, Transitional and Retired Members are not entitled to use the Institute initials.



If you take up Transitional Membership, you must nominate a mentor to guide and support you.  We can help find a mentor for you while completing your NZIBS career pathway to becoming an NZIBS Registered member if you are unable to.  

Mentor Requirements:

  • Mentor must be an NZIBS Registered Member
  • Mentor must have a minimum of three years experience as a Registered Building Surveyor, with a broad range of experience in the field.

Mentor Responsibilities:

  • Assist with directing to, and making available, publications for study such as BRANZ documents, Building Code references etc.
  • Make regular contact and provide general guidance and assistance with regard to work practices of a Building Surveyor.
  • Provide brief reports and updates on the members progress with regard to their study and experience gained at the end of each given training/experience period or when requested by the membership committee.
  • Provide a letter of support confirming that they will mentor you through the duration of your transitional membership.
  • It is the Transitional member’s responsibility to ensure that these objectives are met and not the responsibility of the mentor.

Mentoring Options

Option 1: Internal mentoring within an organisation with two or more NZIBS Registered Members

This option applies when you are part of a larger organisation where there are two or more NZIBS Registered Members working for the same organisation who will support you through your transitional membership.

Note: Should you leave this organisation, you will need to immediately advise NZIBS which of the below mentoring options relates to you.

Option 2: Sole practitioner or Transitional Member within an organisation with less than two NZIBS Registered Members  

Nominate an NZIBS Registered Building Surveyor as your Individual Mentor for the duration of your transitional membership period.

Note: Mentors should have a minimum of 3 years’ experience as a Registered Building Surveyor and be able to demonstrate that they have a broad range of experience of core building surveying skills.

Apply for Transitional Membership