NZIBS membership rules & regulations

CPD study requirements

In order to maintain transitional and registered membership of the Institute, members are required to make a commitment to a prescribed number of hours of recognised CPD study.

Members are required to undertake 25 hour equivalents of CPD study in each year period prior to each annual renewal of their membership.

The “hour equivalent” is the formal time period adopted to measure the progress of members in this area.


Members are required to complete an entry on the online CPD diary on the Institutes website for each group of hour equivalents claimed (i.e. a member claiming hour equivalents of CPD time for attendance at the NZIBS Annual General Meeting, would need to make an entry in his/her CPD diary to have that time allowance approved).

An electronic CPD diary log shall exist for each member on the Institutes website under individual members’ profile/log-on. Time may be recorded for CPD activity during the course of the year as CPD is completed. CPD diary logs shall be marked as complete and be submitted annually for approval by the Institute’s Executive. These shall then be reviewed in detail to ensure the activity completed and the time claimed has met the standards set by Executive.


The satisfactory completion of the CPD requirement will form the basis upon which the annual Practicing Certificate will be issued.

NZIBS Regulation 4 - AMP programme (page 3-6) has been instigated on a mandatory basis on the understanding that those with whom we deal, both within and outside the industry, can be assured that the Institute’s members are kept informed of new methods, products and technologies as they become available and the Member’s competencies are being adequately maintained.

For further information on how to complete your CPD online within the members’ portal please contact the Executive Assistant directly.


Registered membership requirements

At all times, Registered Members are required to comply with all NZIBS Rules and Regulations and any other requirements stipulated by the Executive and to undertake their professional work as a Registered Building Surveyor to high ethical standards.

Annual membership fees, along with any levies or charges as set by the Executive must be paid in accordance with the terms and conditions set from time to time by the Executive.

All Registered Members must practice in New Zealand and meet the requirements of Regulation 4 - Annual Membership Programme. Registered Members leaving New Zealand for a period can “as of right” retain their full membership status subject to the following conditions:

  • If the absence from New Zealand is anticipated to extend beyond three (3) months, the Executive Assistant must be notified of the absence prior to the Registered Member leaving the country. An indication of the likely duration must be advised to the Executive Assistant at that time.
  • The Executive Assistant is to be provided with a reliable method of contact (e.g. mobile phone, postal or e-mail address); such information to be kept up to date, as appropriate.
  • A Registered Member wishing to retain membership must maintain fully paid up membership fees at all times. It is the Registered Member’s responsibility to arrange with the Executive Assistant all matters relating to ongoing contact.

When returning to New Zealand, after an extended absence, the Registered Member shall advise the Executive Assistant of their return, which will be advised to the Executive.  If absent for greater than fifteen (15) months, the Registered Member will be required to:

  • Demonstrate having maintained Continuing Professional Development (CPD) activity, meeting the NZIBS requirements to the satisfaction of the Executive, and/or;
  • Meet some additional CPD activity as required by the Executive. This would typically relate to legislation and industry developments.  A programme for the completion of this would be agreed at the time with the Executive.

During the Registered member’s absence from New Zealand, the Registered Member will not be required to submit continuing professional development (CPD) returns but may choose to do so if actively working as a building surveyor during the majority of the period of absence.  In such a case, an annual CPD return may be submitted in support of maintaining full membership.  The manner of such return can be provided in the normal process, along with the annual membership fee.  (Refer Regulation 4 Work Verification Programme).  It is recognised that experience gained working as a building surveyor in another country could contribute to CPD requirements, and the Executive may accept a wider scope of activities as contributing to CPD.

The Executive may accept any application for dispensation for continuing registered membership, where special circumstances may apply.  Such dispensations shall be subject to annual review by the Executive.

The Registered Member shall be appropriately and adequately covered by Professional Indemnity Insurance, or be indemnified for the building surveying work they undertake.

Failure to satisfy these requirements for ongoing membership may be considered as grounds for expulsion of any Registered Member from the NZIBS.


Ethics and Code of Practice


The Institute is committed to the highest standards of professional conduct on the part of its Members, who shall at all times conduct themselves in such a way that the professionalism of the Member and the Institute is upheld.


  1. Instructions received from the client, or the client’s agent, shall be confirmed in writing from the client and/or confirmed back in writing in sufficient detail to avoid any misinterpretation.
  2. Members shall provide the client, or the client’s agent, with a Consulting Agreement that includes Specific Terms and Conditions of Contract and specifies the services to be provided by the Member, unless a formal term contract or agreement is in place for the provision of services.
  3. Note: The Institute has produced a standard template that Members may utilise. Copies of this can be downloaded from the Members section of the website under Consultancy Services Agreement.
  4. Members’ professional services should be relevant, accurate, and address the requirements and needs of the client.
  5. Members shall only undertake work within their area of expertise and competency.

Conflict of Interest

Members must not involve themselves, or alternatively shall remove themselves, from any situation having a conflict of interest.


No member shall:

  1. Accept any secret trade discount, commission or allowance in connection with any service for which they are engaged;
  2. After acceptance of an engagement, terminate the contract without just cause thereby failing to fulfil their professional obligations; or
  3. Accept engagement as a building surveyor and divulge to another person, firm or company any information of a confidential nature relating to the business activities of the client, without the expressed permission in writing; or
  4. Conduct themselves in such a manner as to prejudice the profession of building surveying, or the status or reputation of Members of the Institute; or
  5. Obtain registration by misrepresentation as to their eligibility or qualifications; or
  6. Be guilty of reprehensible conduct either in the practice of their profession or at a meeting of the Institute; or
  7. Use any professional designation by description or initials to which they are not entitled; or
  8. Be entitled to remain a member having been convicted of a serious criminal offence.


Any breach of this Code of Practice shall render the Member open to the disciplinary procedures of the Institute under Regulation 3.

September 2014

All enquiries should be in writing and addressed to:
The Executive Assistant
New Zealand Institute of Building Surveyors Inc.
PO Box 79015
Avonhead, Christchurch

NZIBS Rules and Regulations

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