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Budget 2023: Is $1 Billion enough?

Hawke’s Bay was severely affected by Cyclone Gabrielle back in February, and for many, the past few months have been grueling.  Scott Dunnett, NZIBS Executive Committee: Industry Liaison and resident of Hawke’s Bay discussed what Budget 2023 means for flood and cyclone-affected communities in Hawke’s Bay. (Based on the article in NZIBS' The Journal, Issue 11) Read more

Should we involve FMs in the design process?

Maintenance considerations are not typically front of mind for design teams, and there is a constant tension between initial capital expenditure and whole-of-life building costs for building owners and developers. Read more

Assessing and remediating water damage to plasterboard linings

GIB® recently published a bulletin to assist with the assessment and remediation of gypsum plasterboard linings that have been exposed to potable, grey, waste, or flood water. Read more

Building Stone: Testing for Durability

Building stone, or dimensional stone, is a natural product. As such, there is a risk that it may have natural flaws, variations, and defects that affect how it performs in a building. Read more

Talking About Building Maintenance

The risk of not prioritising building maintenance is not worth the reward of putting it off for another day. Read more