Government organisations

Registered Building Surveyors work closely with an array of local and central Government organisations. From consulting on expert panels, managing consenting processes or providing compliance reports to Councils, offering determination support to MBIE, providing earthquake damage commentary to the Earthquake Commission (EQC) or delivering asset management and maintenance advice to District Health Boards. Find out more about some of the services that a Registered Building Surveyor can provide. 


Asset management and maintenance planning

Understanding and managing assets is an essential factor in maintaining the value and suitable operation of buildings. So much so, that maintenance plans are a legal requirement for body corporates under the Unit Titles Act 2010, and assist building owners and managers in taking proactive steps to planning their maintenance expenditure whilst preventing damage or loss which could result in the decline in property value.

As experts in understanding buildings, our Registered Building Surveyors are perfectly placed to assess your property portfolio, determine the current condition of the assets therein and recommend repair and maintenance strategies based upon these findings. In the first instance, these strategies will highlight any immediate action required to avoid compromising the long term integrity of the buildings or the health and safety of occupants. Other recommended works can then be prioritised to align with importance and available budgets within long term maintenance plans. Taking a long term planned approach to asset management enables proactive maintenance works and the replacement of the building components as they near the end of their useful life, allowing a smoothing of maintenance expenditure as opposed to the peaks and troughs of a purely reactive maintenance strategy.


Expert consulting

Registered Building Surveyors are able to assist government organisations with a wide range of consulting services. From offering input and feedback into planned legislation updates or being placed on expert advisory panels, through to providing compliance reporting or timber framing consultancy services to support councils.


Earthquake damage assessments

Given the scale of the Canterbury and Kaikoura earthquake events, it is no surprise that a lot of resulting damage has been missed, incorrectly diagnosed or, in some cases, poorly repaired. Damage can often be hard to identify. Things like voids under floors, foundation damage, loose internal linings, damaged cladding or asbestos damage are commonly not found during damage inspections. That is why it is so important to get a comprehensive earthquake damage assessment from one of our Registered Building Surveyors, who work closely with structural engineers to understand the mechanisms for damage, whilst ensuring that nothing is missed and that poorly executed repairs are avoided. A Registered Building Surveyor will provide you with an accurate evaluation of your situation and a clear picture of the scope of repairs required.


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