Transitional Member Application Form

*Please take time to read the information below before completing the Transitional Member Application form*

The New Zealand Institute of Building Surveyors is a national body of skilled, professional building consultants who have extensive knowledge and experience in construction and building-related matters.

The Institute was started in 1994 and has Registered Members throughout New Zealand.  NZIBS now has over 200 members, who work closely with other professionals within related organisations including:

  • Central and local Government
  • The Construction Industry Council (CIC)
  • Building Research Association of New Zealand (BRANZ)
  • Architects (NZIA), and Architectural Designers
  • Quantity Surveyors
  • Engineers
  • Builders

The Tertiary sector is beginning to recognise the need for this profession in New Zealand.  Tertiary institutions are looking to launch a new degree programme specific to the Building Surveying profession over the next few years.

In the United Kingdom this is a tertiary qualified profession. Over recent years surveyors from the United Kingdom have immigrated to New Zealand, to take up this profession.  This has required some re-training relating to NZ building practices and regulations.

Since around year 2001, following the widely publicised ‘Leaky Building’ problems in NZ our members have been in great demand.
Our members are well-known to the legal profession and many members have acted as experts in a very large proportion of ‘leaky’ and other building defect cases.  They have also been at the forefront of getting these damaged
buildings remediated.  The industry knows of the skills shortage issues around achieving good building standards and now that the financial sector has taken more interest in ‘Pre-Purchase Inspections’, which has resulted in significant demand for Registered Building Surveyors.

Provide Expert Advice on construction-related matters. Registered Building Surveyors are experienced in acting as independent and impartial experts and providing advice and evidence in legal disputes relating in construction related matters, including defective workmanship and leaky building claims.

Within the Institute as a whole, the available expertise includes:

  • Investigation and reporting on building defects
  • Remediation design and contract administration of building work
  • Development monitoring of construction projects - often outside/independent of the development team
  • Dilapidation Reports - Landlord / Tenant leasehold disputes or leasehold reinstatement / Make Good provisions & Schedules of leasehold space condition at lease commencement.
  • Dispute Resolution - Expert witness advice
  • Building technology advice
  • Building maintenance reports / Long Term Maintenance Plans
  • Schedule of condition reports, related to building fabric or for Due Diligence purpose in property transactions
  • Pre-purchase reporting on residential dwellings
  • Insurance assessment/reinstatement advice, in relation to claims or for building remedial requirements following an insured peril incident

Membership of the New Zealand Institute of Building Surveyors Inc. (NZIBS) is open to anyone who is studying in the construction industry, or holders of, professional construction industry qualifications in fields
such as Building Surveying, Architecture, Engineering, Quantity Surveying, Construction Management, Building Sciences etc.
Membership is also open to those with a significant degree of experience in the construction industry and in Building Surveying without necessarily having formal professional qualifications.

The New Zealand Institute of Building Surveyors Inc. has one class of full membership – Registered Membership.
There are two earlier stages that may lead to Registered Membership, these stages are:

Student membership is open to all those currently studying for a construction-related qualification. Student Membership is not open to those that are in full-time employment.  When a Student Member starts working full time, they must relinquish their Student Membership and apply for Transitional Membership if they wish to remain within the Institute.

Transitional membership is a preliminary stage of membership for all those that apply for and are in the process of completing the requirements to become a full Registered Member.
Transitional Members must be actively practicing as Building Surveyors in New Zealand and must complete the Institute’s assessment of professional competence process to progress Registered Membership.

Registered membership is for those members who actively practice as Building Surveyors in New Zealand and have satisfied the Institute that they meet the criteria for Registered membership by completing the assessment of professional competence process.

At the end of a member’s working life as a Building Surveyor, members can choose to become a Retired Member.
Alternatively, for members that have made a significant contribution to the Institute over their working life, the member can be nominated as a Life Member, which may be endorsed by the general membership.

Please ensure you have the following ready to upload before completing your application:

  • Brief Summary of Work Experience & Background
  • CV & Qualifications (please provide copies of certifications)
  • RICS Certificate (RICS Ethics Test to be completed.  Use Promo Code NZIBS to receive a discount)
  • Reference Support Letters
  • Any Available Reports (e.g Condition or a Defect Resolution Report). These can be redacted
  • Professional Membership (Provide a list and verification documentation where relevant)
  • Current Work Verification Details (Job Verification & Description)

Application Fee: $325.00 excl. GST (non-refundable)