Below are short summaries of what you can expect from the speaker presentations:

John Walton, Barrister Bankside Chambers

Title: Sweating the Assets

"The frustration of affected communities at the lack of reliable infrastructure is palpable. At risk of appearing mawkish, now is actually the time to face up to the growing infrastructure deficit… We can do better."



Lance Burdett, WARN International

"Changes are occurring with greater frequency and will continue to change which is having an impact on us all."

Lance will be presenting on how to adapt to our dynamic world.

Lance will cover topics such as:

  • why it is that people are feeling overwhelmed and in heightened emotions,
  • how to manage uncertainty, and the importance of taking positive action.

Additionally, he will show us how to motivate and energise ourselves when at work, how to switch off at the end of a busy day, and how to get a more restful sleep. And, much more."

Christian van der Pump, Canterbury University Civil Engineering Department

Title: "It’s time to end – and put into reverse – the regulatory carpet bombing of the construction industry"

This presentation looks at some historical and current building industry failures such as the combustible cladding problems in AUS & the UK, NZ’s leaky building crisis.

It discusses a potential causal characteristic between such systemic failures & how they occur, how insurers respond negatively, how governments have responded with unnecessary bureaucratic intervention, and solutions available to the private sector to prevent or minimise both industry-wide failures and reduce unnecessary bureaucratic intervention.