Module 14: Technical Due Diligence for Commercial Properties

8:30 AM
5:00 PM


Course Overview:

The purpose of this module is to provide practical guidance to building surveyors and other property professionals for the provision of TDD services for commercial clients and property investors. Participants will be provided with guidance to the key principles and components that should be included in a typical TDD process.

The module will cover:
• The benefits and need for Technical Due Diligence
• Types of TDD inspections
• Taking instruction from your client
• Desk top review of key property documentation
• Main components of the TDD Report
• Interpretation of the TDD Report
• Liability and professional ethics

The course will also include a review of seismic, passive fire and will also cover key factors relating to high rise buildings.

Guest speaker Michael Wolff, a lawyer with Morrison Kent, will explain what clients expect of their surveyor, how surveyors can add real value and what risks are associated with providing technical due diligence services on commercial buildings.


 Duration: 75 minutes based on the theoretical aspect of the course
 Closed book assessment
 The exam for each module is conducted at the end of the course day.