Module 13 : Lease Reinstatement (Dilapidations)

8:30 AM
5:00 PM


Course Overview:

Lease reinstatement, often referred to as dilapidations in New Zealand, is an area of building surveying practice dealing with obligations concerning the form and condition of leased premises. It requires both sound technical knowledge and an understanding of the legal principles pertaining to what is a specialist area of law.

This module is an introduction to dilapidations practice in New Zealand and will look at:
 An overview of the legal context of dilapidations practice, including the application of contract, statutory and common law and why and when the need for dilapidations arises
 An introduction to leases and other tenure documents and how to identify the pertinent rights and obligations of landlords and tenants
 Understanding the different lease covenants (obligations) and assessing breaches of covenant
 Preparing schedules of dilapidations / reinstatement
 Consequential losses and other heads of claim
 Remedies and defences
 How dilapidations affect and influences other building surveying services

On completion of the course, participants will have an appreciation of the key principles of dilapidations, its implications for owners and occupiers of commercial property and how the process is administered.


 Duration: 45 minutes based on the theoretical aspect of the course
 Closed book assessment
 The exam for each module is conducted at the end of the course day.