Module 4: Condition and Compliance Reporting

8:30 AM
5:00 PM


Course Overview:
Following completion of this module, you should be able to understand and convey:
 The basic ingredients of the various types of report discussed in this module
 How to get your point across without expressing an opinion
 When and why you may need to express an opinion
 The various forms of “compliance” and what they mean
 A basic understanding of the sort of contracts you will get your client to sign, and why
 The importance of ethics and how to identify a conflict of interest
 The process you will follow when a prospective client contacts you
 The importance of when the work in question was done, and what that means in terms of your investigation and report

Module Format:
This module is split into five sections which will be interactive and allow time for
1. Pre-purchase surveys
2. Investigating and reporting on “Defects” under Part 4A of the Building Act (s362)
3. So called “ Safe and Sanitary” reports and reports for Certificates of Acceptance
4. Compliance reports (building code compliance, including Exempt works)
5. Building defect/failure investigation and reporting

 Duration: 75 minutes based on the theoretical aspect of the course
 Closed book assessment
 The exam for each module is conducted at the end of the course day