Module 3: The Building Envelope and Cladding Systems

8:30 AM
5:00 PM


This two day lecture room based course is designed to provide participants with an
understanding of the concepts and consideration necessary to achieve a robust
building envelope, the external forces applying to such an envelope along with
techniques for mitigation and the knowledge to recognise where weathertightness
and other issues might be encountered in cladding systems commonly used in New
Zealand, along with the reasons that failure might occur.

At completion of this course participants should be able to identify common cladding
types used on buildings, understand weaknesses inherent in the particular cladding
system, (or that may develop over time), recognise poor workmanship, design,
materials selection, and the issues involved with inadequate maintenance or other
causes of failure.

The course will cover aspects of investigations required to identify a cladding and
comparison with that which was specified, along with changes in philosophies over
time, Building Act requirements, progressive changes to approved / compliance
documents and manufacturers’ literature.

 Duration: 75 minutes based on the theoretical aspect of the course
 Closed book assessment
 The exam for each module is conducted at the end of the course day.