Become a Member of the Institute

Applications for Membership of the New Zealand Institute of Building Surveyors Inc. (NZIBS) are open to anyone who is studying in the construction industry, or holders of, professional construction industry qualifications in fields such as Building Surveying, Architecture, Engineering, Quantity Surveying, Construction Management, Building Sciences etc.

Membership applications are also open to those with a significant degree of experience in the construction industry and in Building Surveying without necessarily having formal professional qualifications.

The New Zealand Institute of Building Surveyors Inc. has one class of full membership – Registered Membership – which entitles the holder to call themselves a Registered Building Surveyor.

Regulation 01 provides details of the process applicants must go through to achieve and retain Registered Membership status.

There are two earlier stages that may lead to Registered Membership, these stages are;

Registered Membership

Registered Membership is for those Members who actively practice as Building Surveyors in New Zealand and have satisfied the Institute that they meet the criteria for Registered Membership by completing the assessment of professional competence process.

There are two preliminary stages that applicants may go though to achieve Registered Membership status – Student Membership and Transitional Membership.

At the end of a Member’s working life as a Building Surveyor, Members can choose to become a Retired Member. Alternatively for Members that have made a significant contribution to the Institute over their working life, the Member can be nominated as a Life Member, which may be endorsed by the general membership.

Membership Subscription, per year (1 July – 30 June)

Student Membership – no charge*
Transitional Membership – $600.00 + GST
Registered Membership – $875.00 + GST
Retired Members – 10% of the registered membership + GST
* Conditions apply.

Institute Regulations

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Membership application 

On receipt of your application and supporting information, there are several stages to work through prior to being invited in for an interview. For further information please call: 0800 113 400.


Interviews are conducted subject to demand and availability of the Membership Sub Committee panel.

All membership applications are vetted and submitted to the NZIBS Executive Membership Panel for review.

Once the review has been completed by the Membership Panel notification will be given to the applicant that approval has been given and they will be invited for an interview, if applicable.

New Membership

Click here for NZIBS New Member Application Form
If you are thinking about joining NZIBS as a new member, please take a few minutes to consider the following 12 questions:

1. Are you currently working as, or have experience as a building surveyor?

2. Are you a member of another construction industry professional body, e.g. RICS, NZIQS, NZIA

3. Do you have a construction related university degree?

4. Do you have a non-construction related university degree?

5. Do you have a construction related trade qualification, e.g. trade certificate?

6. Do you have construction industry experience?

7. Do you know a practicing registered building surveyor?

8. Are you computer literate, with good English language skills?

9. Are you currently studying for a construction related qualification or degree?

10. Do you have secondary education (school) qualifications?

11. Do you have a clean record? (never been declared bankrupt or convicted of a criminal offence)?

12. Are you legally able to work in New Zealand?

If you have answered yes to six or more of the above questions, you may be ready to apply for membership to the NZIBS.

Final APC Interview

If you have completed your transitional membership period and all associated aspects of your transitional membership pathway criteria please contact NZIBS for the final APC interview application form.

Any transitional member who applies for registered membership, will need to undertake the RICS Professional Ethics online course and pass the online exam prior to submitting their application form, at a small cost.

If you have any membership questions or wish to talk through NZIBS Membership options, please contact the NZIBS on 0800 113 400 or for further details.